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The Lower Eyelid – “Tear-Trough Deformity”

There’s a part of our face that shows tiredness and ages us much faster than how we mentally and physically feel, even when we are in our 20’s. It’s a sign that people around us who see it will constantly ask us “Did you not sleep well? Is there something bothering you? Are you tired?”

Your eyes not only express your feelings but the skin around them may actually betray your age, the status of your health or worse, make you look older than you are!. Often you will see people who have a deep groove or many grooves under their eyes that can extend downwards towards the cheek.

This is what is known medically as a “Tear Trough” deformity. And quite often it comes together with a dark eye circle or “Panda Eyes”. This can be caused by genetic predisposition, lack of sleep, dehydration or discoloration of the skin.

There are a few non-surgical ways to help to improve this condition:

  1. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Filler Injection
  2. Eye brightening serums.
  3. Ultrasonic or radiofrequency collagen stimulation.

The whole idea is to keep our eye area hydrated, which will also improve the fine lines around the area. Stimulating collagen growth in that area also results in gentle firming of the skin. Unfortunately, in many cases simple skincare products will not be able to help correct this Tear Trough condition.

Some patients may only require HA Filler Injection to rejuvenate and lighten the condition. HA Filler works is by adding volume underneath the lower eyelid muscles and then enhancing further with an additional thin layer or a sheet of lighter HA materias, such as Restylane Vital or Vital-Light, directly underneath the skin. This way it plumps up the area and the thin layer beneath the skin will give extra support to the skin while at the same time it improving the fine lines and shadowing around the area.

However, depending on the severity of the problem, some tear troughs actually come with additional baggage such as eye bags from fat prolapse and loose skin. In such a situation, lower eyelid or eyebag surgery plus HA Filler injection may be necessary to correct the problem.

Don’t let your eyes tell people that you are tired, old and unhealthy. Come and talk to us today and see what we can do to help you to maintain or look younger than your actual age!