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Supplements to Avoid before Surgery

Common Name Common uses May Cause May Cause Amount
Chondriotin / glucosamine Osteoarthritis Perioperative bleeding
Echinecea Infections, ulcers, arthritis prevent bruising Potentiates drugs and allergic reactions
Gingko Biloba Vascular disease, dementia, anti-inflammatory Perioperative bleeding , post-operative sedation
Milk Thistle Liver protection, anti-inflammatory Blood pressure related issues
Ginseng lowers blood glucose, antioxidant Perioperative bleeding
Kava Anti-anxiety, muscle relaxant post-operative sedation
Garlic Infection, hypertension, high cholesterol Perioperative bleeding
Saw palmetto Sedative , anti-inflammatory, prostate hypertrophy Perioperative bleeding
St John's Wort Depression, anti-anxiety, pain, insomnia Post-operative sedation, swelling
Ginger Anti-vomiting, sore throat, anti-inflammatory Perioperative Bleeding
Eicosapentaenoic aid Protect heart, skin disorders, asthema Perioperative Bleeding
Vitamin E Protect heart, anti-oxidant Perioperative Bleeding, prolonged wound healing