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Nose & Ear
Nose Implants

Nose implants are one of the most popular nose procedures performed in the region. They are typically performed to enhance the nasal shape or to raise the nose bridge. These implants are made of a silastic material and are specifically designed to look and feel natural. Owing to their shape and quality, they create a tremendous improvement in the overall facial appearance.

Dr Kuek performs nose implants under local anaesthesia and typical sessions take no more than one hour. Usually, a small cut is made within the nostrils and leaves no visible external scars. A small splint or plaster will be placed over your nose for a week to reduce swelling, and you will be free to resume with your normal activities thereafter.


A rhinoplasty is used to enhance the shape, size and general appearance of your nose to achieve a harmonious balance with the rest of your face. The technique that Dr Kuek will adopt depends on your problems and your desired results.

Alterations can be made to increase and decrease the nasal bridge, reduce the size and width of the nose, narrow your nostrils, reshape your nose tip or change the angle of your nose.


Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is usually done to tuck prominent or “bat” ears closer to the face for a more even and desirable look. Dr Kuek can perform ear surgery for children above the age of five as the ears are fully formed and developed by then. This will help to minimize the amount of ridicule and teasing that the child may potentially face.

Dr Kuek also treats adult patients who request for ear surgery. With a qualified and experienced surgeon, complications are rare.

Otoplasty in Singapore is usually performed as an outpatient procedure in a hospital or in a doctor’s office-based surgical facility. At times, Dr Kuek may recommend that the procedure is done as an in-patient procedure for severe cases.

A common technique that is used involves making a small elliptical cut in the back of the ear, and the cartilage that is exposed will be sculpted according to your desired shape. In all cases, there is usually a faint scar at the back of the ear but that will fade in time and leave no visible trace.