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Liposculpture & Body ContouringTreatments

Liposculpture is a more targeted version of liposuction that removes fat in smaller amounts and may involve using the fat to sculpt your body and create your desired shape. Dr Kuek uses specific suction techniques to remove unwanted bulging fat. The procedure works best for individuals who are of average weight with stubborn fat deposits that cannot be reduced through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

You should expect a little swelling after the treatment, and you will be fitted with a post-treatment compression garment that is designed to reduce swelling and help your skin adapt to your new body frame.

Body Contouring Program

With the BBC (Body to Breast Contouring) Program introduced by Dr Kuek, you’ll be able to receive large volume enhancements in place of the traditional method of using breast implants. This is an exciting option for patients who do not wish to go under the knife or have artificial prostheses in their body.

Body contouring uses the fat removed from liposuction and liposculpture to fill up other areas of your body such as your breasts, buttocks and face. The advantages are obvious, the fat is your own organic tissue and there is minimal fear of rejection or cross-infection. As fat is an organic living tissue, it is also less likely to disintegrate or be absorbed than some other commercially available synthetic fillers. This also means that you’ll see the results last for a longer period of time.