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Facelift& Threadlift Treatments

Facelifts (Rhytidectomy)

Dr Kuek performs facelifts to reduce sagging skin, correct deep and sunken cheek grooves, and lift jowls. During the rhytidectomy procedure, Dr Kuek removes and repositions excess skin while tightening deeper tissues, thereby helping your skin appear more youthful, firmer and rejuvenated. This can be done under local anaesthesia and deep sedation.

A full facelift procedure may be combined with a necklift and performed under general anaesthesia. This will typically require an overnight stay in the hospital. There may be some temporary effects such as mild swelling, light bruising and a tightness or numbness over the affected areas.


Threadlifts are an innovative procedure that can provide similar benefits to a surgical facelift with a lower level of risk involved. Like its name suggests, these are carried out using surgical-grade facial-threads.

With this procedure, your facial tissues will be lifted and tightened, leaving you the same youthful, firm and rejuvenated results that a facelift provides. Despite the shortened longevity of the results, the effects are generally very pleasing for our patients.

The entire procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes and can be done in the clinic under a local anaesthetic and does not leave any trace. There may be temporary side-effects like bruising and swelling. Further improvements can be achieved by combining threadlifts with other non-invasive procedures.