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The Body: Body Fat

Fat Busters

Getting Rid of Body Fat without Surgery?

Can we melt fat away without surgery or painful injections? It certainly sounds too good to be true but such technology is now available in the form of high frequency sound waves (ultrasound). These ultrasound waves act by focusing high energy at a fixed layer of fat under the skin causing the break-up of fat cells and allowing the fat to enter into the circulatory system where the fat then gets metabolized by the liver. This technology is totally unlike other conventional non-surgical treatments like mesotherapy which releases drugs into the fatty tissues to melt the fat but still leaves the cells or adipocytes intact.

With this treatment the adipocytes are totally destroyed so that the fat does not have a chance to re-accumulate. This allows a long-lasting result so that once the results have been achieved, patients should not have to return for maintenance treatments if they can take appropriate care in terms of diet and exercise.

In fact, the frequency of the energy is so specific that only the fat cells are affected, leaving all other tissues like muscles, nerves and blood vessels completely intact and unharmed. However, because it works on the fat layer by layer, a few treatment sessions are necessary before visible results can be seen.

The most common areas where patients get to see results are usually the abdomen, waist, hips and outer thighs.

One of the pioneers in this new technology is Ultrashape, which is credited with providing the first scientifically and clinically proven results from using ultrasound to break down unwanted body fat. Although it may take more time to see results, the advantages of this technology over other methods of fat removal are that it is/requires:

  • Non-Surgical
  • No repeated painful injections
  • No downtime or recovery period
  • No need for repeated maintenance treatments

All these factors equate to total safety and increased patient acceptance especially for patients who do not wish to consider surgery or injections.

So, who are ideal candidates for this procedure?

The ideal candidates for Ultrashape are patients who:

  • Have localised fat deposits and want body contouring and reduction of body circumference without pain or surgery Motivated with realistic expectations
  • Willing to comply with a healthy diet and some moderate exercise in order to further enhance the results
  • At least 1.5 cm of fat thickness under the skin

On the average, many patients can see about 3 to 4 cm reduction in circumference of their abdomen after 3 treatments but not everyone can experience similar results because each individual’s body reacts differently to the treatment. Of course, the larger the volume of fat, the more the number of treatments necessary to achieve good results.

Ultrashape thus presents our patients who are looking to improve their body contour with a real alternative in place of other conventional treatments.

Conditions that can be improved using Fat Busters