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Lipocryo Treatment

Lipocryo is a non-invasive treatment that combines vacuum and specially controlled-cooling technology to reduce stubborn localized fat bulges such as love handles or folds on the back or arms.

A special transducer is used on your desired area to apply vacuum pressure and rapidly cool fat cells. This freezing has an inflammatory effect, destroying fat cells while leaving the surrounding skin and blood vessels unharmed. Your body will flush out the dead fat cells over the course of a few months.

The treatment is not painful, and you will feel a firm pressure with an intense feeling of coldness. There is no downtime and you will be able to resume your normal routine immediately after the session. You should expect some redness on the treated area for a couple of hours.

After a single session, the crystallized fat cells break down and naturally leave your body over a period of 2-4 months. Depending on the thickness of the fat tissue and desired results, patients may require anywhere from 1-3 sessions, which an interval of 45 days between each session.

The ideal candidate for Lipocryo should be generally fit with an intention to reduce specific local fat bulges that are concentrated in the abdomen, flanks, lower back, arms or buttocks.

You can start seeing some results after 15 days as more dead fat cells are purged from your body, but the best results are usually seen 60 days after the session. In order to maintain your results for a longer time, you should combine with Lipocryo with regular exercise and a healthy diet.