Frequently Asked Questions

  • Eye

    1. I am troubled by my dark circles below my eyes. I have tried different eye creams but to no avail. I was told that surgery can get rid of the eye bags but can surgery actually get rid of dark circles as I do not have eye bags? How much does the surgery cost?

    Yes, surgery can improve dark eye circles but may not remove them completely. Another alternative if its due to pigmentation is to use specialized lasers. This may require multiple treatments. You will need to be examined for the appropriate treatment to be advised.

    2. I have single eyelids, but I want to apply more than one colour on my eyes. How do I that?

    The key is to use the correct shades and put the colours in the right places. It is very simple and easy to do, Apply the lighter shade from the last line to eye socket and then apply the darker shade to crease at the outer corners of the eyes to create a V, then blend the two colours and you will see the optical amazing effect.

    3. One of the commonest concerns affecting Asian women especially of oriental origin is the absence of a double fold, which is very often seen in Caucasians. Many women come to see me to create a double eyelid fold. How do this?

    There are a few ways to achieve this: The simplest way is to place a few internal stitches in the eyelid tissue where the new fold will be created. This technique is simple and, gives good results. Recovery is fast.

    However, it may not be long lasting and sometimes the folds can disappear after a period of time. A more long lasting method is via surgery to cut the skin, remove some fatty tissue and place deep stitches internally. This is called open blepharolasty and although the recovery time is longer, the results are long lasting.

    It is important to remember that the fold that is created should not imitate the Caucasian look, but rather enhance the beauty of the oriental eye.

  • Nose

    1. I had undergone a rhinoplasty surgery earlier this year overseas with L shaped silicone implant and ear cartilage. However, I am not satisfied with my nose and would like to remove it. What are your charges and will there be any complications?

    You can just remove it and the procedure is very safe. The cost to remove the implant is around $2,000.

    2. I have never done any sort of plastic surgery before, but I am interested in reshaping my nose and the eventual risks after such a surgery! How would you advice me to go about this, and to find a suitable surgeon for my needs?

    There are many types of surgery to shape the nose – please look into our cosmetic procedures and for an even better impression – have a look at the before and after picture to give you a realistic picture.

    Today there are many types of surgery to reshape the nose. Some of the more common operations include insertion of implants to heighten the bridge and sharpen the nasal tip, reducing the width of the nose by removing a wedge of tissue on either side of the alar bases, shaving off the hump along the bony ridge and re – modeling the cartilage structures at the tip of the nose to change the profile.

    All these are surgical procedures that require making an incision either within the notstril, along the side of the nose or from the inside of the mouth.

    Most of the time the scars are minimal, or totally invisible once they have healed, and the surgery can be done under local anaesthesia with some sedation.

    As you can see from our web – site there are various options – and sometimes it can be quite bewildering for a patient to make the right choice and what plastic surgeon to choose. My recommendation is always to see one and go through the different procedures and options, and be advised what to expect from a realistic point of view. If in doubt, it is always wise to get a second opinion.

  • Chin

    I am thinking of doing chin augmentation but I have remnants of a derma filler in my chin(6 months old). Do I have to wait for all that to disappear before doing chin implant surgery? What is the down time? Is it safe to get pregnant with the implant in my body(face)? Please advise the price range.

    It would be advised that you wait till all your filler has disappeared before you proceed with this treatment.

    Implant is a long lasting one-time operation and needs 1 week for recovery. It is done under local anesthetic and sedation with no visible scars. There will be tapes around your chin for 1 week as well.

    The implant is solid silicone and does not have any risks of spreading, so it will not affect your pregnancy. The cost is around $5,000 + GST and this includes the anesthesia, medicine, facilities charge and implant cost.

  • Body Contouring

    1. I am interested in getting Vaser Liposuction for my saddlebags. I would like to understand the process and a rough idea of the cost involved.

    The approximate cost for such a procedure to remove fat from the saddle bags depends on the severity of your condition. Usually it would cost $4,000 to $6,000. This includes surgery, anesthesia (twilight sedation and local anesthesia, no need general anesthesia), operation room facilities and medications.

    There are many methods for doing liposuction but most important is not the method but the skill of the doctor. So you need to bear that in mind when you select your plastic surgeon.

    2. I am interested in tummy tuck. May I know is liposuction included in tummy tuck? What is the approximate price range for tummy tuck?

    Normally liposuction is not included in the tummy tuck but I may do for some areas if it is necessary. The fee for tummy tuck is from $12,000 to $15,000.

    3. Can liposuction be done on the face? My problem areas happen to be my cheeks?

    Liposuction or liposculpture can be done in any area where there are fat deposits. Chubby cheeks can be shaped very effectively by liposuction. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia and sedation as a day surgery procedure. After the procedure you may expect to have swelling and bruising of your face, that may last 2 to 3 weeks. Your surgeon may require you to wear a compression garment over your face during this time to control the swelling.

    Be patient, you will only see the final result after 2 – 3 months once the tissues have fully softened.

  • Breast

    1. How much is it to do inverted nipples?

    The cost for inverted nipple correction is $2,500 for 1 side.

    2. I might be suffering from Gynecomastia. How much are your charges for surgery? Is there any alternatives before this?

    Your condition can be effectively treated either by surgery or lipoexcision sculpting. The costs range from $5,000 to $8,000 depending on the severity of the condition. There are no other alternatives and you need to be evaluated for the diagnosis to be confirmed.

  • Non Surgical

    1. I am in my mid thirties and I am considering a threadlift. My main concerns are the double chin and the folds between my nose and the mouth. May I know the difference between threadlift and happylift? Which will last longer?

    Threadlift is ideal for someone in your age group who is not yet ready for a facelift but wants rejuvenation. HappyLift is a new generation of threadlift that uses only absorbable threads so that there is no long lasting foreign material inside your face. This is something that concerns many of our patients.

    Of course long lasting materials may last a bit longer but essentially its really down to the individual's own aging process so for both, the results last usually a few years and is not long lasting. However, because the threads will by then have dissolved, the procedure can be easily repeated to give more rejuvenation.

    2. I have been reading 'Happy Lift' from your website and would like to know the following. If the threads are dissolvable and completely absorbed after 8-10 months, what would happen to the results? How long is ‘long lasting’? More than 5 years? How much do you charge for the Zygomatic area?

    The threads dissolve but there will already be surrounding collagen fibers in place to continue the lifting action of the threads. Of course how long the effects last and how effective then depends on how much collagen fibers the body has grown around the threads. Nevertheless, the effect is still quite even. I don't think the results can last more than 4 to 5 years. Only surgery can have such long lasting results. The cost for Zygomatic area is about $4000

    3. What kinds of procedures are available today in helping me achieve fuller more sensual lips?

    The simplest way to achieve fuller and more luscious lips is through the use of tissue fillers which can be injected into the edges or the main bulk of the upper or lower lip, depending on the shape desired, to increase its volume.

    Some of the most common materials that plastic surgeons use are collagen, hyaluronic acids or aquamid. Depending on the products used, the effects can last from a few months to years. I usually recommend my patients to start with a temporary filler first to see if they like the results, and later convert to longer-lasting fillers if they are happy with their final shape of their lips. As the lips are very sensitive and delicate, it is very important that you choose a qualified specialist, such as a plastic surgeon in order to minimize the risks of any unfavorable results.

    4. Besides Botox, what are my other options for removing the fine lines around my face?

    Botox is today a very common and often used treatment to relax and soften the activity of the facial muscles. In doing so, active facial lines and wrinkles due to overactive muscles will fade and even disappear. However, some of the lines and wrinkles are due to sagging skin and loss of collagen, a natural action of aging. These lines will benefit more from dermal fillers.

    Other fine lines can also be improved by using chemical peels, flourscent pulsed light, microdermabrasion and radiofrequency tightening, to name a few.

    Today there are so many options available and it is important that you consult a specialist to determine which therapy is best for you.

  • General

    1. There are so many new things coming up on the market today, can you please share with me, what procedures are in and what will become popular due to your opinion in the future?

    Some of the procedures that will become and already are in the market are Mesotherapy, light wave therapy and improved dermal fillers.

    Mesotherapy is effective for body contouring and fat – reduction. It works a non – invasive way by injecting a cocktail of active ingredients that include caffeine, vitamins and other active ingredients into the areas of fat. This procedure stimulates the metabolism and burning of fat. Mesotherapy is generally recommended to patients with targeted amounts of fat in certain areas for optimal results. Mesotherapy can also be used as a complement to liposuction to further refine the results.

    Dermal filers have always been popular for use to inject into the skin to iron out lines or wrinkles and plump up the lips, to give them a fuller and more sensual look.

    There are today a lot of different fillers on the market – one of the newer ones is a product called Aquamid. It does not biodegrade and patients experience no allergies and sensitivity to it. We also have an even newer variation of Aquamid called, Aquamid (N.B. Make link to site on fillers) Reconstruction. This product is revolutionizing the non-surgical shaping of the cheeks, nose and chin. It is made of firmer material than Aquamid, and can effect more drastic change in the facial features.

    Other new technologies available are Aptos face-lifting threads and ultrashape body contouring.

    2. Is Plastic surgery for everyone or only the rich and famous?

    My patients are by no means limited to celebrities and rich people. I also see a lot of young people, housewives and executives. Even more men are on the rise.

    However I draw for aesthetic treatments usually the line at adolescents and discourage them from plastic surgery because they have not fully matured physically as well as mentally.